Mr. Rohrbach has studied at the Co-Active Training Institute, Kaufmann Foundation FastTrac, Narrative Coaching, Conversational Intelligence Coaching, and Positive Intelligence Coaching.  Jim has been coaching and consulting for over 30 years. His type of coaching is a blend of various coaching certifications and methodologies.




Would you like to step into your dream life?  The one you’ve been dreaming about.  Let’s start with a more effective structure, one that has been proven to increase success dramatically by up to 500%.  

The measure of Mental Fitness is called Positive Intelligence Quotient or (PQ) for short.  The 7-Week (PQ) Mental Fitness Coaching Program provides faster & deeper transformation than any other technology or methodology that I have seen in the last 30+ years.  Learn how here.   Clients report greater flexibility and more affirming relationships with spouses, significant others, and more supportive relationships with co-founders, investors, and board members.

o       What area do you want to gain clarity and momentum in

o       What is your goal of coaching

o       Are you longing for a sense of fulfillment

o       What aspect of your life are you looking to change

o       Are you about to step into something new and scary

o       Want to develop healthy habits

o       Are you looking for more meaningful relationships

o       Do you want to be more present with your family

Coaching is about closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  Growth accelerates when you step outside of your comfort zone.  Your awesome life lies on the other side of uncertainty, fear, people-pleasing, procrastination, and self-doubt. Begin your ultimate journey towards the life you say you want.  We’ll start with a proven framework to improve your interpersonal skills & connection with others and yourself. You’ll learn how to show up fully and make a greater impact in all areas of your life.   Your business, your family, your community, and most of all you, will play a bigger and more rewarding game.  

As a Certified Business and Executive Coach, I coached entrepreneurs for over 30 years, helping them create success. Many of them doubled, tripled and some even realized 10x their prior profits (read: profits, not sales). The results inspired me, but over the years I came to realize that I wanted more for my clients.  I wanted to see personal growth for them, greater peace, and happiness. Occurring for them, not just increasing numbers in their businesses.  

Certifications & Education

  • (PQ) Positive Intelligence 7-week program
  • (PQ) Positive Intelligence Coaching Certification Program 
  • Certified Coach for Kauffman Foundations’ Startup Fastrac programs
  • Certified Facilitator Kauffman Foundations’ Startup Fastrac programs
  • Certified Value Builder Trusted Advisor ℠
  • Studied at Co-Active Training Institute – CTI
  • Narrative Coach – Certified Core & Enhanced Practitioner
  • Graduate of MIT Open CourseWare-Behavioral Economics
  • Graduate of MIT Open CourseWare-Customer behavior
  • Founder of five successful companies
  • The Graduate University of Puget Sound with a dual degree in Finance and Management, with a Minor in Economics
  • Former Investment Banker
  • Florida Licensed Real Estate Agent

James’s real strength is his strategic ability to open doors for others, serving as a conduit for new opportunities and growth by—connecting people and ideas – domestically, and globally.   Being more resilient leads to more meaningful relationships with spouses, significant others, and co-founders, board members, and employees.  Mental fitness reduces stress, builds self-confidence, and quiets negative self-talk.  This leads to better performance, less stress, and more clarity, and focus during tough times —similar to athletes “in the zone.”

Imagine a business: with more cash flow, with a growing value with a steady stream of new clients?  More importantly with less stress and more time for life.  Want systems that leave you feeling organized and in control?  Click here for a FREE strategy session.

 Want a more valuable business?  Want better employees?  Let’s work on your most valuable asset  YOU! Designed like a mental fitness boot camp the (PQ) program builds structure, motivation, and accountability into your 7-week practice.  Click here for the details of the 7-week PQ Program

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

― Henry Ford

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We offer advisory services for both strategic and operational issues. We have particular expertise in:
  • PQ Coaching
  • Mental fitness consulting and coaching
  • Exit Planning & succession planning
  • Sales Call Reluctance  training programs
  • Performance coaching